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It’s never too early, or late, to grow your child’s brain. Daily tasks and chores are small opportunities to make a big difference.


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Learning is all about talk, read and play. Find facts, tips, blog posts and videos to help you and your child enjoy learning.

Talk, Read, Play

Share thoughts.

Connect with others who know what you are going through. Get advice, share successes and learn new skills to support your child’s learning.


Help your child grow, learn and get ready to read.

Your child’s brain is growing right now – and loving interactions with you strengthen that growth. With every interaction, our brain’s cells link and form pathways – at a rate of millions per second. These pathways are used for language, thinking, and learning. The more you talk, sing, read, and play with your child, the more you’re helping those critical connections form.


“The Cox Campus has been extremely helpful for my 4 year old and me to keep a little bit of his routine in place as we navigate this unpredictable time.”

Brooke H.Parent

“I’ve loved the stem activities for my daughter during Covid 19. She is very social and missing friends but anything hands on is helping! Thank you!”

Shervonda H.Parent