Who We Are

The heart of Cox Campus is the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy. Our team is composed of experienced teachers, early learning and language experts, neuroscientists, school leaders, speech language pathologists and authorities in adult learning and curriculum design. Together, we work with educators, healthcare systems and families to create ecosystems where language and literacy are nurtured, cultivated and taught from the last trimester of pregnancy through third grade so that every child has the chance to choose their own future.

The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy is a Program of the Atlanta Speech School.

Founded to break the cycle of illiteracy for children who have experienced generational lack of access to educational opportunity, Rollins is dedicated to deep reading brain construction. In its 83-year history, the Speech School has never turned away a child in need of its services, maintaining its central focus on literacy instruction for children who would have struggled for a lifetime due to neuro-biological differences. In that role, the School provided special education for all Atlanta school systems for thirty years. Through the Rollins Center, the School holds as its aim applying the Science of Reading to change the odds for all children. 

For that purpose, the Rollins Center partners with leaders in the science of literacy and child development to influence and inform every course offered on Cox Campus, and to help realize Rollins’ mission of educational equity. Literacy, while the explicit goal, is not an end in itself. Rather, it is only through deep reading that a child grows into an adult with the capacity to decide their own future and make the most difference in the lives of others. Through literacy, all our children can and will have a just future.

Rollins Theory OF CHANGE
A deep reading brain is essential to literacy and justice for all.
IF child-facing adults have the knowledge, skills, and agency to implement:
prenatal bubble
Healthy Brain Development in Perinatal Care
birth bubble
Language & Literacy in Birth to 5 Care & Learning
k3 bubble
The Science of Reading Instruction in K - 3
Then, every child will have the social-emotional and language abilities and literacy skills they need to be on a path to a life of self-determination.
Our work is grounded in critical prerequisites to learning: Relationships, trauma-informed practices, and immersion in a curriculum in which children can see, imagine and become themselves – for a lifetime.

How We Work

Cox Campus serves as a single source for reading brain construction across the continuum from prenatal health through third grade. Through Cox Campus, the research of the world’s preeminent child development experts and opinion leaders are synthesized and distilled into immediately-applicable practices.

The Rollins Center is dedicated to building ecosystems that are conducive to literacy– where connection is valued over compliance, children feel safe and supported, deep reading is enabled—and the possibilities for every child’s future are opened through literacy.

Where We Work

Rollins’ professionals work with public school districts, birthing hospitals, community programs, child care programs and wherever child-facing adults work to improve child outcomes and positively impact learning. Through Cox Campus, the on-site work of Rollins is extended through self-paced courses and implementation toolkits that distill the science of effective literacy instruction and bring it within the reach of every adult. All Rollins programs, whether in person or online through Cox Campus, are directly supported by the Rollins team of literacy experts, educators and coaches.

Our History

The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy was founded in 2004, with the singular purpose of extending the science-based instruction received by each child at the Atlanta Speech School to every child in the region.  Since 2014, through a generous grant from the James M. Cox Foundation, the Rollins Center has taken their work to global scale – making the science and its application available to educators and child-facing adults everywhere through the courses, resources and community of the free Cox Campus.

Since the very beginning, the Rollins Center has been dedicated to literacy and justice for all – regardless of zip code, race or ethnicity. Cox Campus was founded on these same principles of equity and ensuring no child is denied access to educational opportunity, and every child is literate.  A means to an end, the ability to read deeply is a right that ultimately provides the full chance to lead a choice filled life and make the most difference in the lives of others.

Together Making a Brighter Future

Always Free

Thanks to generous partner investments and grant funding, everything on the Cox Campus is available at no cost – ever. From creation of online courses and resources to development of the Cox Campus platform, our funders ensure literacy is a reality for every child.

Critical Partners

The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy and Cox Campus partner with more than 100 public and private organizations across the nation who share our belief that every child has a right to access literacy and a choice-filled life.

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