Equity is Only Possible
When All Children Can Read

From nurses to families to educators to leaders, Cox Campus provides straightforward learning paths to cultivate environments, relationships, and practices conducive to learning to read.


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At- Home Learning

Free learning experiences for caregivers and their children. Content for children ages birth to 5.

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Anchored by Science

Reading is not natural, like walking or talking, but the drive to communicate is. Cox Campus turns to science to learn what actions adults can take to form a child’s brain, giving them an early start towards reading.

Healthy Relationships

Interactions with loving adults starting from infancy support development in all areas. You can make a difference – one word and one hug at a time.

Positive Experiences

Toxic stress can derail a child’s healthy brain development. You can act as a buffer to continue to foster strong connections in a child’s brain.

Explicit Instruction

According to two decades of science, explicit instruction is needed to teach reading.

Language-Rich Environment

Create a brain-building environment by recognizing a child’s attempts to interact with you – and starting conversations yourself!

Thanks to generous partner investments and grant funding, everything on the Cox Campus is available to you at no cost – ever.

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