Every child has the right to learn to read.

Use the science of reading to put every child on the path to literacy, no matter how young.

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Videos by literacy experts highlight everything your children need so they can learn to read –  from building solid learning foundations in literacy to teaching the National Reading Panel’s “Big 5” of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

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Downloadable science-backed tools, tips and templates you can use with children immediately, wherever they are learning.

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Educators from all fifty states and around the world come together with a common purpose and a drive to do better for our children – so every child has access to reading.

Intentional Parent Partnerships

Strong relationships between teachers and families ensure children have the foundations they need to learn and thrive as learners – whether at home or in the classroom.   

The Cox Campus Difference

When teachers practice what is learned on the Cox Campus, they see dramatic results. Children respond to strong relationships with improved learning, school-aged children improve their test scores, and family partnerships strengthen.

Here, immediately applicable and research-backed practices come to life so you can learn how to reach and teach every child – from infancy to literacy.

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Experienced teachers and experts share practices, experiences and guidance around applying the science of reading to lay the groundwork for literacy and all learning.

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