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The science of reading – what two decades of research has taught us about learning to read. From building foundations in infancy through teaching the National Reading Panel’s “Big 5”, our courses take you from understanding to instruction.



Download tools, tips, and templates to use them with children and students.



Chat with peers from all fifty states. Get advice, share successes and learn new skills to support student learning.



Build the critical relationships between child, caregiver and educator that are crucial to building literacy skills. Learn how to extend learning beyond your space.

Early Childhood Educators

It’s never too early, or too late…to grow a child’s brain. Interactive talking, reading, singing, and playing with children build the foundations for reading. Free courses and resources help you apply new practices immediately.

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K-3 Educators

It’s never too early, or too late…to accelerate your students’ academic growth through science-informed practices. The brain isn’t wired to read. Reading must be taught. Find lessons, tips, resources, and courses to help you intentionally plan your instruction.

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When your school community is part of Cox Campus, you see a positive school-wide culture shift – with academic growth, improved reading scores, and positive relationships among staff, students, and families. Learn how to provide explicit instruction that matches the way children learn – according to two decades of research.

“I love Cox Campus! I am enjoying taking all of the courses that you have to offer for FREE. The videos I’ve been watching are amazing. It is well put together and has lots of information I will definitely be using in my classroom in the future. Thank you for helping me become a better teacher to the children in my care.”

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