K-3rd Teachers

Virtual Small Group Instruction to Teach Each Child

Give every student what they need to blossom as readers with virtual targeted small groups.

Use the small group lesson framework demonstrated in these videos with real (squirmy!) first graders, and the tips resources to start planning your own virtual small groups.

Virtual Targeted Small Group Demo

Watch Sara Quinn, Rollins Content Specialist, demonstrate virtual small group instruction with a group of first graders. This three-part demonstration shows different areas of focus for each small group: teaching and reviewing foundational skills, reading the text, and constructing meaning.

Virtual Small Group Instruction Resources

Targeted Small Group Reading Lesson Framework

An editable lesson plan framework for K-3 teachers to use during skills-based small groups.

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Lesson Plan for Exemplar Virtual Small Group

Download Sara’s lesson plan to see how this virtual small group aligns with our research-based lesson framework.

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Virtual Small Group Slides

Take another look at the slides from the virtual small group demo or adapt them for your classroom.

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Resources for Virtual Small Group Instruction

Useful programs and apps that will help you adapt small group instruction for virtual delivery.

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Join the Discussion

Join us on the Cox Campus community board to seek advice and share ideas with literacy experts and fellow teachers.

We know teaching small groups while managing an entire class of kids is a challenge during in-person instruction. Are there any advantages to virtual small groups for you and your students? How do you plan to handle the logistics of your small groups?

To learn more about targeted small group instruction, take our free video course:

Targeted Small Group Instruction

Once you have student assessment data, you can use this data to inform your planning and tailor your teaching methods to individual student’s needs. In this course, you’ll learn why targeted small group instruction is vital to children’s learning.

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