Letter 4: Reader, Come Home

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“What Will Become of the Readers We Have Been?”

Letter 4 Roundtable Discussion

Welcome to Letter 4 of Reader, Come Home

In this letter, Dr. Wolf references our “novelty bias,” necessary for survival, from a biological standpoint, in the wild – and how that heightens our distractibility, with a threat of “cognitive overload.”

For the virtual book study, read Letter 4 of Reader, Come Home, watch the roundtable discussion video, and answer the following discussion questions.

“Young people won’t know what they don’t know.” What might that mean to the future of thought? What is the connection between reading less and becoming more susceptible to “fake news” and misinformation?

Ready to explore deeper? Enjoy our full Letter 4 lecture.

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Reader, Come Home Virtual Book Study Letters:

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