Literacy & Justice for All

We read to become who we are meant to be!

A partnership between Cox Campus, Marietta City Schools, the United Way, Learn4Life, Cobb Collaborative, Quality Care for Children and Kennesaw State University.

What is Literacy & Justice for All?

Literacy & Justice for All is an initiative to bring the Science of Reading to children within a community by reaching children through the adults who serve them, prenatal through third grade. Initially activated in Marietta, anyone can implement the practices through Cox Campus courses and resources – created for child-facing adults of children from prenatal care providers through third-grade reading teachers.

Why now?

Every child has the right to literacy – the gateway to deciding their own future and making the most difference in the lives of others. Literacy rates in our country are unconscionably tied to zip code, race, and ethnicity – keeping equity and justice out of reach for so many. After two disrupted school years, the need has never been greater or the stakes higher.

Who is it for?

Initially, Literacy & Justice for All is being implemented in Marietta, Georgia. It has, however, been developed with the intent of Marietta’s implementation of Literacy & Justice for All serving as a role model for towns and communities everywhere. The practices of this initiative are available through Cox Campus courses. It is, after all, in its name. Our collective goal is not to “beat the odds” for a small number of children, but to change the odds for every child. Through reading, we become the people we are meant to be – and every child deserves that opportunity so they can experience the equity and justice afforded through universal literacy.

The Literacy & Justice for All Journey with Marietta City Schools

Join Marietta educators as they set out to empower every child to be a proficient reader.

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