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Virtual Assessment Guide

Everything you need to learn who your students are and assess where they are as readers.

Assessment is about knowing your students, connecting with them, and figuring out what they need to learn so they can thrive.

Our assessments are designed to be administered one-on-one, so you can get to know each student and build a connection with them from the first day of school. Additionally, our assessments provide impactful progress monitoring throughout the school year.

Virtual Assessment Demonstration Video

New to virtual assessment? Watch our facilitator Cheryl Kirksey demonstrate how to give our assessments over Zoom with a real student.


Learn about each student as a person and lay the foundation for a strong relationship.

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Tips Sheet

Check out this tips sheet for creating a positive environment for assessing your students whether virtual or in-person.

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Student Data Profile Fillable PDF

Create a comprehensive reading data profile for each of your students.

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Evidence-Based Phonics Assessment

This live stream is chock-full of practical advice and real talk.

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Join the Discussion

Join us on the Cox Campus community board to seek advice and share ideas with literacy experts and fellow teachers.

It is important to create a positive assessment environment for children. What is one challenge you foresee with giving virtual assessments? What tips do you have for creating a positive environment for virtual assessments?

Additional Resources for Virtual Assessments

To learn more about conducting assessments, take our free video course:

Assessing Our Students

For a child to be able to read proficiently, they must master five key components: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. In this course, you’ll learn how to use the “Big 5” to inform instructional practices and identify areas in which your students are proficient and where they may need more help.

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