Techniques Families Can Use at Home

Techniques Families Can Use at Home

Techniques Families Can Use to Teach Language Skills at Home

Language, Vocabulary and Comprehension Activities for Parents of Young Children

Every parent wants the very best future for his or her child. Some parents dream of one day seeing their son on TV as an inspirational community leader. Others hope their daughter will one day find a cure for cancer. While other parents want their child to have more than they do and to find happiness in whatever job, career or passion they choose to pursue.

Parents play an important role in enabling children to achieve these dreams…and it all starts with words. Words are the foundation for learning and research shows that children need to hear and understand as many words as possible long before they get into school. The bigger a child’s vocabulary by the time he’s 3 years old, the more likely he is to learn to read and understand effectively in elementary school and beyond.

You don’t have to be a trained teacher to interact with your child in ways that help make this happen. In fact, every time you talk with your child – even if he’s just a baby and can’t talk yet himself – you’re giving him valuable exposure to words. And the more words the better. Even big words are helpful. Fill your baby’s ears and mind with as many words as you can possibly imagine. Describe what you’re doing. Talk about where you’re going. Describe things you see. These are all valuable opportunities for your child to experience new words.


Here are a few more simple things you can do with your child at home to build his vocabulary.

Make the most out of story time by using our READ strategy:

R – Repeat the Book

E – Engage and Enjoy

A – Ask Questions

D – Do More

Here are several free books you can download and share with your child using the READ strategy:

Amari’s Adventure

Amari’s Bike Adventure

Amari’s Bike Adventure – Spanish

Amari’s Shining Moment

Amari’s Blue Ribbon

Amaris Big Idea

TJ’s Discovery

A Heart for Service


You can also download these guides for using the READ strategy with these popular children’s books:

In the Garden for Infants

In the Garden for Older Toddlers

The Monster Who Ate My Peas


To get Read Right from the Start introduced in your child’s school, share this flyer.