Technical Questions

Need video help?

Are you having trouble playing videos? All Read Read Right from the Start courses rely on video content hosted by YouTube. For help on improving your video performance and other video questions please browse the topics below. You can also contact us directly any time at .


Check your Browser

Your internet browser is the program you use to access any internet page. Our recommended browser is Chrome, if you do not have Chrome you can download it for free at Switching internet browsers can sometimes clear up your video issues.


Is your browser up to date? Try visiting and you’ll see information on the browser you are currently using.
 If you see “This is the most current version,” your browser is already updated! If you see “There is a newer version,” click the Update your browser button and download the newest version of your browser.


For optimal browser performance, close any extra tabs or windows. If you encounter a problem try refreshing your screen using the reload icon usually found near the menu or address bar.

Check your Connection

Poor video may be caused by your internet connection speed.

If you are on a wireless connection, try connecting using an internet cable. Sometimes performance improves when you are plugged in to a network using a cable. You could also try accessing the website from another location like your home, coffee shop, or library.


Make sure your internet usage is not at capacity — for example, someone on your home network is downloading a large file while you are trying to watch a Read Right from the Start video. You may have a better experience accessing the website when your network is not at peak usage.


You can check your internet speed at

Check your Device

If you are still experiencing video issues after updating your browser and checking your connection speed, you may need to check your device. Check your computer for viruses, spyware or a hard drive that’s reached its full capacity. Free antivirus software can be downloaded at AVG.


Check your system for Windows or Mac updates. For Mac users you can visit the App Store. Windows users can go to Windows Update in your control panel.

Closed Captions

All Read Right from the Start videos are equipped with closed captions. If you have the closed captions setting turned on through any YouTube video, the closed captions will play automatically.


If you need to turn closed captions on, click the CC button at the bottom corner of any video frame. Video controls are hidden the first time you view a step on the Read Right from the Start website. To access the video controls you will need to click on a completed step, the controls will then be visible at the bottom of the video frame. For more help please email .