Technical Questions

Need help viewing videos?

Are you having trouble playing videos? All Cox Campus courses rely on video content hosted by YouTube or Vimeo. For help on improving your video performance and other video questions please browse the topics below. You can also contact us directly any time at .


Check YouTube settings

Are you receiving a message that the video you are trying to play is restricted? Occasionally Cox Campus videos are flagged by YouTube as restricted. If you encounter this error you can disable that setting in YouTube. Click here for instructions.



Check your Browser

Our recommended browser is Chrome, if you do not have Chrome you can download it for free at Switching internet browsers can sometimes clear up your video issues.

If you encounter a video error, try refreshing your page or restarting (shut down and reopen) your internet browser. If the issue persists you can also try clearing your data history or using an Incognito or private window.


Check your Connection

Poor video may be caused by your internet connection speed.

Make sure your internet usage is not at capacity — for example, someone on your home network is downloading a large file while you are trying to watch a Cox Campus video. You may have a better experience accessing the website when your network is not at peak usage.

You can check your internet speed at If your connection is at peak usage, you can wait 30 minutes and then try accessing our site again.

Other Issues

If you are still experiencing video issues after doing all of the above, you may need to check your device. Check your computer for viruses, spyware or a hard drive that’s reached its full capacity. Free antivirus software can be downloaded at AVG.


Check your system for Windows or Mac updates. For Mac users you can visit the App Store. Windows users can go to Windows Update in your control panel.

Uploading Video

If you are in one of our private coaching groups you may have been asked to upload a video as part of your coaching practice.

How to Record

Cell phones do a great job of recording and with the Cox Campus app in the App Store or Google Play Store you can upload video directly from your phone. You can also record with most digital cameras or a laptop equipped with a camera and microphone.

Uploading Files and Compressing

You can upload video files to Cox Campus that are up to 1GB in size, however files this large can take a very long time to upload depending on your connection speed. Here are some articles to help reduce the file size of your videos.

Learn how to change the video resolution on your phone  before you start recording.