At-Home Learning with Talk, Read, & Play

Make children's learning at home easier with free activities, guides, videos, and community support.


At-Home Learning Is All About Talk, Read, and Play

Parents and families across the country are in a situation they’ve never experienced before. Schools are closed, children are home, and all families are looking for new ways to continue supporting children’s learning.

The Cox Campus is here for all families going through these troubling times. We recognize there are many new circumstances we are dealing with. Together, we want to help you adjust to the situation and learn new ways to engage your child in a way that continues their developmental progress but keeping it easy on families and kids.

What is the Cox Campus?

The Cox Campus is a community of individuals committed to promoting children’s development, particularly in the area of language and literacy. We believe all children should be on the path to reading proficiently. That path begins very early in life, through the interactions all children have with meaningful adults in their lives. Our campus is rich with many free video courses, lessons, guides, activity ideas, and community discussions that empower adults to support children’s learning.  

Though many of the practices presented in Cox Campus courses are for early childhood teachers and other professionals who interact with children, families can easily learn these practices and put them in place when  they interact with their children at home.  

Let’s Get Started

Step 1:

Start with any of the videos below, for quick ideas on Talk, Read, and Play. Come back for more tips, ideas and strategies. Over the next several days (and for as long as needed), we will be adding more resources and activities for you to do at home. 

Step 2:

If you want to explore deeper, check out our guides that dig into specific skills such as alphabet knowledge, sounds of spoken language, and math.

Step 3:

You can also support your child’s learning by using the same skills, activities, and practices teachers use. Check out our free online courses to learn more. 

Step 4:

Have a question or an idea you want to share with other families? Discuss your favorite activities or get support from the Cox Campus community.


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