Educators Birth-5

Talk, Read, Play LIVE

Nurture Adult-Child Relationships to Build Healthy Learning Brains

Through a series of video-based courses, learn the most important skills, anchored in talking, reading and playing to help support each child’s healthy brain and emotional growth, develop language skills and lay the foundation for reading.

We recommend getting started by watching the B-5 portion of our Town Hall event and our accompanying introduction videos, then following along with each unit.


Watch Our Summer Town Hall Kick-Off Event

Click below to watch Drs. Renée Boynton-Jarrett and Maryanne Wolf discuss the role of relationships in forming safety, fostering trust and building brains for learning, thinking, questioning and leading. 

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Our 2020 Promise

When you join the Cox Campus community, you make a promise – to engage each and every child as your conversational partner and give them the language and literacy skills they need to decide their own future. Click below to learn about our Promise to all children.

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Every Opportunity

Our words have the power to decide whether a child’s day will be filled with wondrous discovery and excitement or with dreaded anxiety and discouragement. With every interaction, adults can contribute to a learning ecosystem where children thrive.

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The Gift of Home Language

Dual Language Learners (DLLs) are children who are learning and developing in more than one language. DLLs are eager to share their gift with others in their classroom community, but most importantly, they rely on this valuable gift to access the knowledge they have gained about the world and to continue to grow and learn as they develop their English. As educators, we must value this gift and bring it into the classroom.

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Science of Building A Child’s Brain & Responsive Interactions

Unit 2

Learn the science of building children’s brains & making the most of relationships with young children.

Preschool teachers:

Infant/Toddler teachers:


Child-Directed Speech, Serve & Return

Unit 3

Use meaningful language to connect with children and build strong oral language skills.

Preschool teachers:

Infant/Toddler teachers:


Facebook Live Event Recording:
How Relationships Affect Your Children’s Learning Development During the Pandemic (and Beyond)

This fun, engaging live stream event covers exactly how the relationship you have with your children impacts their ability to learn and grow. Watch child development experts to learn actionable tips for how you can build a strong foundation of learning with your child – with or without schools open this fall.

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Story Time (Oral & Written)

Unit 4

Preschool teachers:

Infant/Toddler teachers:


Early Literacy

Unit 5

Learn how to talk with even the youngest learners to build emergent literacy skills.

Preschool teachers:

Infant/Toddler teachers:


Literacy & Justice for All: The Power of Diverse Stories in Pandemic-Proof Early Learning

August 6th, 3pm ET

Learn how to make the most of storytime and develop early literacy skills during this unprecedented twin pandemic of Covid-19 and illiteracy.

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