Supporting Families Project

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Supporting Families Project

Opportunities to strengthen resilience in the face of adversity start in infancy and continue well into adolescence. Healthy relationships, particularly with caregivers, influence development of the brain all along the way to support overall health and well-being.

Our Supporting Families Project (funded by the Office for National Drug Control Policy) provides evidence-based programming to children impacted by caregiver addiction, with the goal to avert pathways to substance use and improve overall outcomes in the children, while reinforcing pathways to recovery in caregivers. We are accepting referrals from treatment facilities, the courts, community organizations and other sites across North Carolina. All procedures are provided in an on-line platform.

In addition to providing services, we have also identified deeply engaging and informative videos that clinicians, practitioners and educators can view to learn more about the adverse effects of trauma on brain development and the benefits of intervention for children/adolescents that have been affected by substance use. Practices are presented for professionals who work with these children to strengthen resilience.

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