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Sample Social Messages

Every child has the right to read. Every adult can help! Cox Campus turns the science of reading into simple, impactful actions designed to enhance everyday interactions between adults and children. We invite families, educators, and community leaders to join the FREE Cox Campus today!

Help children make the leap from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” with Cox Campus’ free video courses, downloadable resources, and more.

It’s time for literacy and justice for all! Cox Campus’ free interactive courses and tools are designed to equip every adult interacting with children—from birth through age nine—in ways that support language and literacy development.

DID YOU KNOW brains are not born wired to read; they have to be taught! Two-thirds of our children have not been prepared to read on grade level. Bring the science of reading to every child in your community. Share the Cox Campus and join us on our mission to eradicate illiteracy.

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