Shine Your Light Summer 2020

Following the Science to Reach and Teach All Our Children

Getting All Our Children and Their Families and Educators Ready For School

This summer, the move to equity, justice and equality begins with the youngest in our communities. We have the ability to ensure every child’s basic right and freedom to decide their own future, and provide each family and teacher with the agency, authority, and expertise to guide that journey from the first day of life and the first day of school.

Every child has a light. Will we extinguish it or will we make sure it shines? It’s in our hands. Join us to make the biggest impact on children’s lives.

Choose a path below to get started. Our children are waiting on us.

For Families

Join our family summer experiences that will help you prepare your child for the 2020 school year and beyond.

Families Start Here

For Educators

Make a lasting impact on the lives of each of your students by joining other professional educators in a deep dive of the science of reading & learning.

Educators Start Here

For Families & Educators

Watch Our Summer Town Hall Kick-Off Event

Click below to watch Drs. Renée Boynton-Jarrett and Maryanne Wolf discuss the role of relationships in forming safety, fostering trust and building brains for learning, thinking, questioning and leading.


Watch The Video

Cox Campus’s mission is to ensure literacy for all children. Using evidence-based techniques, Cox Campus helps you prepare your child for lifelong learning.

Here’s a quick clip from one of our lessons.

Mignon P.

“Thank you Cox Family for your weekly course sessions! They are awesome and have given my family structure in these challenging times.”

Lenise M.

“It’s so great to have this almost personal consultation on the things my child (who hasn’t been to daycare yet) should be learning at 20 months.”