Shine Your Light 2020

Program Overview and Media Kit

Silence is not an option.

This spring and summer, a light has been shone on injustice. During this time of reckoning, we are called to be on the right side of history.

Program Overview

When children left their classrooms in March, school was not working. Only 35 percent of America’s fourth-graders read proficiently, and access to educational opportunity and literacy in the United States remains overwhelmingly defined by ZIP Code, race, socio-economics and ethnicity. The story, as it has been written so far, is that we are failing our most disenfranchised children and their families — generation after generation.

We are failing their teachers, as well. Research shows that K–12 teachers experience daily stress that is highest among 14 professions — equal only to nurses and physicians — with 78% of teachers reporting mental and physical exhaustion at the end of each day.

This is a call to action. An “all-in” to redirect the light to equity, justice and equality – beginning with our youngest, long before they enter kindergarten.

Justice begins at birth, with an intentional focus on providing every child an equitable opportunity to decide their own future. In this moment, we must do everything in our power to help families ensure that their children are ready for school when they arrive, and to ensure that each teacher is best prepared to meet them.

Our FREE summer learning experiences for children from birth to age 8 focus on the science of reading — and celebrate each child’s identity and feelings — encouraging empathy and honing their ability to think critically, ask questions, listen, and ultimately change the story — to change the world.

The time for change is NOW.


Experience Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light Summer 2020 is:

  • A promise: We’re all in. For social justice. For giving every child a voice, and for supporting every teacher and every family as they guide their children
  • Experiences for teachers, families and children: Webinars, blog posts, and expert-led videos for children and adults, and community conversations
  • Designed for families and teachers of children from birth to age 8
  • Relationship-centered and based on mutual respect, with engagement practices to help grow every child’s learning, literacy, and voice
  • Rooted firmly in the science of reading, so every teacher has the knowledge and skills to meet, assess, reach and teach each child from day one

Fast Facts:

  • Lessons are divided into four age groups: Toddlers, Preschoolers, K-1st graders, and 2nd– 3rd graders
  • For toddlers through age eight, activities are centered around the “read-aloud” of an age-appropriate children’s book
  • Our K-3rd programming was developed in partnership with the Alliance Theatre
  • All content is flexible – videos can be started, paused, and revisited at any time
  • A Spanish-language experience is also available for families and children age 3-5