Meeting This Moment
Back to School — Better Together

What Matters Most?

As we prepare to return to classrooms for the 2021-22 school year, let’s think about what matters most.

… It’s seeing who a child is – not watching them to make sure they behave.

… It’s helping children define their own paths, not reminding them to keep a straight line.

… It’s pausing to hear what children have to say, not demanding they wait their turn.

… It’s listening – really listening – not telling them to “be quiet.”

After two disrupted years, especially, it is time to build relationships. It’s time to listen. It’s time to really connect.

A child needs to trust the relationships they’re building with the adults in their lives, and know they are each deeply valued. That is the core of all learning.

Cox Campus can help you shift from demanding compliance to deepening connections so needed right now — with transformative practices needed to reimagine education and create the safe spaces for literacy and learning that meet this crucial moment.

Because there’s no going back to where we were before.


Cox Campus is meeting the needs of teachers and children in this critical moment. 

Let us help you:

  • Form deep relationships with every child
  • Reaffirm the power of language
  • Create a language-rich environment that connects everyone and gives each child a voice
  • Make time to talk, read, and learn with every child
  • Learn the Science of Reading through IACET accredited courses

The pandemic has impacted everyone. Some significantly more than others.

Early Learning (Infants, Toddlers, Preschool and Pre-K)

Due to the pandemic, child-care centers nationwide were closed or impacted, and many were only operating at limited capacity. Now we all get to welcome one another back – to community, to learning, and to growing – through centers that support children and families.

Build My Brain establishes the neuroscience behind the power of relationships as a child is first building a language circuit in their brain. Power of Language for Infants and Toddlers shows how we can strengthen those connections further by continuing the conversations, and Meaningful Conversations illustrates what that can look and sound like for preschool and Pre-K. Together, we can reconnect… and deepen the connections we’ve kept despite the challenge of Covid.

Infants-Toddlers Start Here Preschool-PK Start Here

Elementary Schools (Kindergarten through literacy at the end of 3rd Grade)

Our nation’s largest public school systems closed due to the pandemic. Virtual learning – while a critical stop-gap – did not replace the learning that happens when we are together, in person. For the 2021-22 school year, these deep human connections must be our priority, supported by science-based literacy practices.

Building a responsive and language-rich Classroom Ecosystem relies on strong relationships with each child, knowing where each child by Assessing Our Students and then meeting each child where they are with Small Group Instruction. Together in our classrooms, we can reconnect with Meaningful Read Alouds and help construct a deep reading brain for every child.

K-3 Start Here

Dual-Language Learners

Our country’s linguistically and culturally diverse children are among the most affected by COVID 19. Their participation in meaningful learning experiences, whether in person or at a distance, has been significantly limited; and their stress heightened. In many cases, their families continued to work in critical occupations, risking exposure to infection.

One third of our nation’s children under 8 years are dual language learners. This is the moment to reconnect and set DLLs and all children on a path to determining their own future, a future linked to our own.

Supporting Dual Language Learners Right from the Start and Connecting the Dots for Preschool Dual Language Learners (coming to Cox Campus in August) bring you effective strategies to design environments and practices that will translate into powerful and more equitable learning experiences for young dual language learners.

DLL Start Here

The pandemic has only served to widen previously existing opportunity gaps.
It’s time to end that, and here’s our formula…

Because there’s no going back to where we were before.