Roadmap to Reading: Path to a Great Year

COVID-19 and the inequities that were evident in schools when we left in March do not have to define the future. Help each child from K-3rd grade close the gap with access to the science of reading – evidence-aligned instruction to advance social justice by meeting, reaching and teaching each child.

Following the Science for Each Child

(Whether In-Person or Virtual)

Get helpful resources and best practices for reading assessments, targeted small group instruction, and creating a “classroom” culture and environment wherever learning takes place. New content will be released every two weeks to guide each child through building the foundation for reading.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Determine where each child is struggling, and where they show their strengths across the Reading Panel Big 5
  • Form small groups that benefit each child you teach, including virtual
  • Building a “classroom” culture and environment – wherever class is held
  • Apply best practices to teach and review foundational reading skills
  • Help each student construct meaning from reading

Why It Matters:

  • Evidence-based instruction can drive literacy for every child
  • Assessment is critical to assess and identify difficulties and strengths for each child
  • The science shows that students who receive small group instruction perform significantly better
  • When you know how to fill the gaps in students’ reading skills, they can become more accurate readers

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Shannon C.

“I loved my training courses and hope to use them soon! Cox Campus is great. Everything was resourceful, easy to understand and follow along!”

Quitta H.

“The virtual learning lessons have been my favorite. It has given me so many great ideas on what I can implement during these times. I also love the energy the teachers are giving!”