Letters 8 & 9: Reader, Come Home

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Building a Biliterate Brain & Reader, Come Home

Letters 8 & 9 Roundtable Discussion

Welcome to Letters 8 & 9 of Reader, Come Home

In Letter 8, we learn Dr. Maryanne Wolf’s definition of the biliterate brain, and the challenge before us as we teach children to read deeply – and how to think critically about online information.

For the virtual book study, read Letters 8 & 9 of Reader, Come Home, watch the roundtable discussion video, and answer the following discussion questions.

Why is it so important to first establish the ability to read before introducing digital devices – and then to ensure children are “steeped in” the best of both mediums?When we talk about “code-switching,” what is meant? What can we do to ensure each child can master cognitive flexibility to comfortably move through parallel fluencies – reading print and discerning the meaning and validity of online content?

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Reader, Come Home Virtual Book Study Letters:

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