A Promise to Each of Our Children

Starting Now.

The schools we left in March were not working — especially failing the children of our families who have been disenfranchised and denied access to educational opportunity for generations.


Since then, a call for justice has brought millions together with a loud and emphatic demand for institutional reform — hundreds of years in the making — to the systems that have withheld equity, justice and equality from so many.


As a country and in each of our communities, we have to be better.  And we have to promise to be better — for every person — from birth.


We are called to be on the right side of history — to ensure that every child knows they belong, has a voice and is empowered to use that voice. Only through justice can we find peace, and only by breaking down racial and ethnic barriers and rejecting old ways can we ensure that every child born is seen as free and equal and provided the opportunity to decide their own future.


We promise to transform our cities, towns, and communities into places of safety, learning and growth — with schools at their core, abolishing those practices that have robbed children of their futures.

We will:

The time for change is NOW.

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