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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Cox Campus?

Teachers, families, and other child-facing professionals use the Cox Campus to become experts at promoting children’s cognitive development and literacy skills. It’s a robust online platform full of free video courses, lessons, guides, activities, and community discussions that give adults the skills they need to help children learn most effectively.

Much of the content on the Cox Campus was originally designed for teachers but is easily adaptable for families to use at home.


Who is the Atlanta Speech School?

The Atlanta Speech School isn’t just about Atlanta, or speech, or even just school.

Based in Atlanta, the focus of the Speech School is to build the learning foundation for literacy in each child. For preschoolers, this includes an emphasis on meaningful caregiver-child relationships to grow language skills upon which literacy will develop. In addition to the almost 400 children who attend our school here in Atlanta, we work with more than 95,000 teachers all over the world through the Cox Campus so they can teach more effectively wherever they are. Online learning is a huge part of what we already do.


What is a Sunshine Circle?