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How Relationships Affect Your Children’s Learning Development During the Pandemic (and Beyond)

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Watch this fun and engaging live discussion with child development experts to learn actionable tips for how you can build a strong foundation of learning with your child.

You Are A Critical Difference-Maker In Your Child's Development

You make a critical difference in your children’s brain development during early childhood. That’s why the relationships we have with young children – and how we engage and interact with them – are so crucial starting from infancy.

Watch a conversation with child development experts about the critical importance of your relationship with children for early learning development.

Some topics covered during the live stream:

  • Saying “bye-bye” to baby talk, and hello to “parentese”
  • When talking back is a good thing
  • The trick to getting more than one-word responses from your child

How Relationships Affect Your Children’s Learning Development During The Pandemic (and Beyond)

Originally Aired on July 23

Meet Our Panelists

Christa Payne

Christa Payne, PhD

Christa is a developmental behavioral neuroscientist and Director of Public Health at the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy at the Atlanta Speech School. Christa brings her experience in facilitating and managing private-public collaborative partnerships and collaborative research programs.

Terris Ross, PhD, Vice President for Policy and Advocacy at Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE)

Terris leads a team that supports policy, advocacy, organizing, and elected leaders in their pursuit of educational equity for all children. Previously, Terris led a sub team in the elementary and secondary division of the Policy and Program Studies Service (PPSS) at the U.S. Department of Education.

Angela Gorham

Angela Gorham, Director at Sheltering Arms Cobb

Angela has almost 20 years of experience as an educator. She joined the Sheltering Arms team as a Curriculum Specialist in 2014, and brings a great deal of knowledge with Rollins strategies and implementation.


Event Moderator: Crystal Gibson, M. Ed.

Crystal is an Educational Trainer and Mentor Coach Specialist who has spent over 20 years focused on reflective supervision and facilitation in the field of Early Childhood Education..

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