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A Unique Learning Experience for Spanish-speaking Preschool Children and Families

The Rollins Center has launched Hablemos, leamos y juguemos para aprender on Cox Campus, an at-home learning experience for Spanish-speaking preschoolers and their families. This free learning experience focuses on supporting Latino parents to continue their children’s early learning during these troubled times of the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Having a strong foundation in their first (home) language establishes an educational advantage for dual language learners on their path to learning English, and is essential for their success in school.  Our efforts are solidly rooted in this research-based evidence. 


Hablemos encompasses short videos of welcoming songs, storybook read-alouds, and activities integrated around a developmentally appropriate theme of interest to young children. Families are encouraged to extend the learning experience as they go about their daily routines and talk, read, and play with their children.


Hablemos is part of Rollins’ wider efforts to build the capacity of families, caregivers, and all who work with children, to prepare a child’s brain for reading. Other experiences available for children and families include Talk, Read, & Play and Pop-Up Early Learning.

Featured In

Hablemos has been featured in Univision’s Conexión de fin de semana program hosted by Mariela Romero.

Fast Facts

  • Hablemos, leamos y juguemos, along with all other Cox Campus experiences, are 100% free thanks to support from The James M. Cox Foundation and other partners.
  • This at-home learning experience is designed for Latino families who speak Spanish at home, to support the continued development of their preschoolers during these periods of self-isolation.
  • No storybooks or special materials are needed for parents to carry out the activities with their children.
  • Initial offering includes 10 themes of interest to preschoolers (e.g., Family, Friends, Spring).
  • Each theme includes videos of a welcome circle, a book read-aloud, and a related activity to the book and theme, along with focus vocabulary words that families can reinforce as they interact with children throughout the day.
  • Families are able to download additional ideas for easy activities to do at home.
  • Efforts are made to include culturally relevant books and songs.
  • The Cox Campus is an online learning platform with courses, resources, and community discussion designed for all who care for or work with young children and their families.

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Nitza Vega-Lahr, Ph.D., Director of Dual Language Learners Program, Rollins Center



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