Vision For Georgia’s Children

By 2020, every child in Georgia will be on the path to “reading to learn” by third grade.

To accomplish this, children need nurturing and language-rich environments to support healthy brain development in the third trimester and continuing through the 3rd grade.

The Cox Campus provides free, online courses for teachers with strategies to build children’s brains for reading.

Our Progress to 2020

0 Cox Campus members have impacted the lives of more than 0 of Georgia’s children!

The Power of Sharing
Help us reach teachers across Georgia.

With more than 75,000 teachers and caregivers in Georgia, we need your help ensuring every single one has access to our free courses by 2020.

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What is the Cox Campus?
Home of free, teacher education.

We are a community of early childhood education professionals, families, caregivers, leaders, and community members that offers free, video-based courses and resources for early education teachers.

These courses are based on proven language and literacy practices teachers can immediately use with their children. And thanks to generous partner investments, everyone has access to this training at no cost, ever.