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Grab your kids and get ready for some fun.


Why Is This Time So Critical?

Due to the pandemic, teachers are preparing to meet, reach and teach the most developmentally and academically diverse group of children we’ve ever welcomed back in the fall.

How Is All Of This Free?

Everything on the Cox Campus is available to you at no cost thanks to generous partners. Our mission is to eradicate the illiteracy crisis in this country.

How Are The Resources and Courses Created?

All the resources and courses on Cox Campus are created based on the latest research and science in early childhood development. Childhood development experts at the Rollins Center for Language and Literacy at the Atlanta Speech School create all of the content based on strategies they implement in real classrooms.

How Often Is New Content Added?

New courses, resources, and teaching guides are released frequently. All of the content on Cox Campus is designed to help teachers, families, and community leaders with challenges they may be facing right now.