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Language is the most critical foundation for a child to be successful in life.

As an early childhood educator, you play a critical role in setting this foundation by preparing children’s brains for all learning, including reading. Starting from birth, children need strong, loving relationships with adults who interact with them as conversational partners and empower their use of language. These conversations foster stronger brain connections, closer relationships, and create a solid foundation for language development and learning.

What is the Cox Campus?

The Cox Campus is a free online classroom offering free, video-based courses and resources based on proven language and literacy practices that can immediately be used to make a difference in the lives of children.

Preparing the Reading Brain

Children are born ready to communicate, but reading is not a native skill. Before a child speaks their first word, we can prepare their brains for reading, and reduce the chance they will struggle later. When we provide rich, language experiences beginning in infancy, we construct their reading brains and help ensure they will one day have the chance to reach their full potential.

The Cox Campus is for Everyone

The Cox Campus offers courses – and also a community committed to literacy, learning, and supporting each other. Here you have a lifeline you can depend on, a forum to express your ideas, and the opportunity to lend a helping hand. We’re in this together!

The Science Behind Brain Development

From birth to age three, children’s brains develop faster than at any other point in their lives. We now know that a child’s earliest experiences can affect that brain growth and help determine long-term outcomes in health, learning, and behavior. When you communicate with a child, every back and forth interaction helps to shape the millions of connections in that child’s brain, laying the foundation for all future learning – including reading.

Why Third Grade Reading Proficiency Matters

Third grade is when the mechanics of learning to read transition to reading to learn. For that reason, third grade reading proficiency is a reliable predictor of a child’s future: graduating from high school, going to college, and enjoying a lifetime of healthy and productive outcomes. The most important thing we can do is encourage children to find and use their voice – even before they can use words to communicate – so they can read proficiently by third grade and beyond.