Children Ages 0 to 5

Birth to 5 Families

Learning experiences for families with children birth to 5 years old. Topics are focused on the science of the reading brain in young children.

Learn critical skills to help support a child’s healthy brain and socio-emotional growth, language development and construction of emergent literacy skills.

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We recommend getting started by watching the B-5 portion of our Town Hall live event and our introduction videos, then choosing a learning path below based on your child’s age group.


Watch Our Town Hall Kick-Off Event

Click below to watch Drs. Renée Boynton-Jarrett and Maryanne Wolf discuss the role of relationships in forming safety, fostering trust and building brains for learning, thinking, questioning and leading. 

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Our 2020 Promise

When you join the Cox Campus community, you make a promise – to engage each and every child as your conversational partner and give them the language and literacy skills they need to decide their own future. Click below to learn about our Promise to all children.

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Every Opportunity

Our words have the power to decide whether a child’s day will be filled with wondrous discovery and excitement or with dreaded anxiety and discouragement. With every interaction, adults can contribute to a learning ecosystem where children thrive.

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The Gift of Home Language

Dual Language Learners (DLLs) are children who are learning and developing in more than one language. DLLs are eager to share their gift with others in their classroom community, but most importantly, they rely on this valuable gift to access the knowledge they have gained about the world and to continue to grow and learn as they develop their English. As educators, we must value this gift and bring it into the classroom.

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Roadmap to Reading

Make the most of story time, and put your child on the road to reading.
Sign up for weekly story reads designed to help you develop your child’s reading skills– sent directly to your inbox.

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Birth – Five

Talk, Read, Play LIVE

Building your child’s brain for learning is as easy as Talk, Read, Play.

Early learning experts bring you guidance and live conversations so you can make the most of daily routines to support your child’s learning.

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Toddler & Pre-K School Readiness

Pop-Up Early Learning

Eight weeks of free video lessons including stories, enrichment activities, and songs, based on the critical parts of a preschool day.

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Para Familias de Niños de 3-5 Años

Hablemos, Leamos y Juguemos

Los niño aprenden cuando Ud. habla, lee y juega con ellos. En esta experiencia ofrecemos videos con cuentos, cantos e ideas de actividades sencillas que Ud. puede realizar para cultivar el desarrollo de los prescolares.




Cox Campus’s mission is to ensure literacy for all children. Using evidence-based techniques, Cox Campus helps you prepare your child for lifelong learning.

Here’s a quick clip from one of our lessons.

Mignon P.

“Thank you Cox Family for your weekly course sessions! They are awesome and have given my family structure in these challenging times.”

Lenise M.

“It’s so great to have this almost personal consultation on the things my child (who hasn’t been to daycare yet) should be learning at 20 months.”