Earn Your Bright from the Start Credits Before the End of the Year!

Earn Your Bright from the Start Credits Before the End of the Year!

Every year, all Georgia early childhood educators need to complete 10 hours of required Bright from the Start (BFTS) professional development training. You can earn Bright from the Start credits by taking free courses from the Cox Campus!

What’s New on Cox Campus?

This past year, we’ve added a brand new course to the Learning Center! A child’s brain is a work in progress. Our new course, Build My Brain, presents the science of early child development and the critical practices needed to secure a future of opportunities for all children.

Build My Brain Build My Brain Build My Brain

Build My Brain
1.5 Bright from the Start Credits
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Will I Learn on Cox Campus?

Our courses teache you techniques to engage with children as your conversational partners from an early age. You’ll be able to transform every interaction you have with a child into an opportunity to build their vocabulary and language skills – giving them the foundation they need to decide their own future.

How Can I Access Cox Campus courses?

Learn on-the-go at your own pace. Complete your training and access our interactive, video-based courses right from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How Do I Get My Bright from the Start Credits?

Once you finish a course, you’ll be able to print, email, or download your training certificate. This certification includes the course name, completion date and Bright from the Start credit hours. You can retrieve your completed course certificates at anytime from your Cox Campus Dashboard.

BFTS-Approved Courses Available

Infants and Toddlers

Up to 15 hours of BFTS credits

Power of Language for Infants and ToddlersPower of Language
2 hours
TALK with MeTALK with Me
3 hours
TALK with Me BabyTALK with Me Baby
3.5 hours
Read with Me: Part 1Read with Me: Part 1
2.5 hours
Read with Me: Part 2Read with Me: Part 2
1.5 hours
Rhyme with MeRhyme with Me
2.5 hours


Preschool and Pre-K

Up to 18 hours of BFTS credit hours

Power of LanguagePower of Language
2 hours
Meaningful ConversationsMeaningful Conversations
1 hour
Transforming Story TimeTransforming Story Time
4 hours
Building World KnowledgeBuilding World Knowledge
3 hours
Foundations of Learning to ReadFoundations of Learning to Read
4 hours
Sharing Ideas Through WritingSharing Ideas Through Writing
4 hours


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The Cox Campus aims to transform children’s lives through the power of language and literacy. Join our community of over 46,000 early learning educators who have already experienced training on the Cox Campus.

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